Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Fun~ {K Work Drawers}

So I had some time over the weekend to change out the work drawers for the K boys and preschool girls.
{Big girls' drawers stay the same pretty much}.
I took photos of the K drawers...
First up is WP's~
Red~ Journal and ABC work
Blue~ Match Mag letters to Board
Purple~ Roll a die and make an inchworm that long

WP was super diligent today~
He was able to sort his inchworms by length and talk to me about most, least, equal, longer, shorter.

Red~ Journal and ABC work
Orange~ Explode the CodeRed~ Journal and ABC work
Blue~ Roll the die and give the kids that many teddy bears
Green~ Match capital letters to capital letters
Purple~ Find an animal in book and choose letters to string onto a pipe cleaner to make the word

Payne amazed me with how many letters he knows~
He chose to make LOTS of words with the letters and pipe cleaners!

Best thing about the Boys' drawers~
I can move the activities to the other one's drawers and have things set up for two weeks or so.

For the bitty girls today I needed to give Holly a chance to use real scissors so~
I gave them 2 straws which they cut into as many pieces as they wanted putting them into a bag.
Then they threaded them onto pipe cleaners and we made a necklace.
Took Holly some time to get the hang plus she is still struggling with whether she is right or left handed...
continuing to switch back and forth~
And while all this was going on 
the third and first grader were working independently on their own work.
Monday Fun!

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