Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bitty Preschool Drawers~

I found with the trays, the girls kept pulling things out but not
placing back in correct place so I put all their activities in drawers too.
This week I changed their work out and in a week will trade it between the girls like I do with the boys.
Red~ Journals and a Workbook
Orange~ Bear Family Puzzles and Numeral Puzzle
Green~ Build a Word and Hot Dot
Blue~ Pattern Blocks and Dot Art
Purple~ Leap Frog Reading Game
 The bitty girls work as long as they want to and there is no pressure
to finish all the drawers.
I encourage and check them as they go.
I don't make them go in order either...
if they want to do something a second time, that is ok as well~
For the most part they work pretty well
and when they are ready to move on, I help them clean their area
so they can be off to their room for playtime.

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