Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bible & Technology~

You might gasp when I say my kiddos get bored with the same old Bible reading all the time.
I've been using God's Love for You
and I LOVE it but sometimes we just have to change it up.
We've had these Bible DVDs for a long time
(think I may have bought them @ Lifeway)
and pulled them out this week for our Bible time~
Everyone was very attentive...
There is a scripture, a story, and a song.
We each took our journals and I wrote the scripture for them then
they drew a picture...
had the bigger girls write what it meant to them.
Evie also asked if I would read from
My Great Big God... love it because it rhymes!!!

As for technology...
I tread a fine line when it comes to computers, Ipads, Ipods, and tv.
How much is too much?
Should they be doing it at all?
When and what?
I have found it best used as a gift for tasks completed well.
Today everyone finished all their school work in good time
with little playing around so~
 Technology was gifted for about 30 mins before lunch
(school games only of course)!
And THIS is what the bitty girls' idea of playtime after school~
{Let's see if we can pull every single thing out we have
and cover the whole floor so our clean up time will last
a very long time!}
All that matters is that they were having FUN, right?

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