Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Dove Day~

Before I get to our day, I want to share what Scott and I found under our pillows last night~
(top to me from EK and bottom from SJ to Scott)
 Sweet notes that were frame worthy!!!

Today we left early to spend the day with Savannah, Josh, and Ben Curtis~

We loved visiting their NEW house and helping to get a few things hung as well as shelves built~
My most important job blessing was holding sweet BC~
 HOW can he be 4 months already???
A perfect angel!!!~
 He was pretty much the star of the day~
 Savannah and Josh were so brave to let our big crew pile into their beautiful house~
We hope to spend lots and lots of time there making family memories in the years to come!
Welcome home Dove family!
We LOVED our Dove Day!!!


  1. I love her dark floors! He is such a good baby! I was amazed that he didn't make a peep the 2 1/2 hours they waited for you at the airport. He was an angel. Those girls love you so much! I was touched to see how bonded they are with you and how lost they felt without you while you were in China! Miss EK was just beside herself.

  2. Beautiful home for a beautiful family!!

  3. Gorgeous new home for precious memories....congrats!! LOVE that entry & those blue dining chairs

  4. Sharon, what kind of car are you driving with all of those seats!


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