Monday, June 2, 2014

Vacay to Myrtle Beach, SC~

Holding with tradition, we planned our family vacay for Rosie's graduation trip and came to MB~
We went to church on the way and were beach bound about 11:30 to arrive around 4:30~
Today we woke up to a gorgeous day and headed down to the beach~
 Lots of sand...
Lots of surf~
SO much fun was had~
These 5 babes were dead tired and sound asleep in no time at all~
I'd say it's going to be a great week AND
this time in two weeks HollyMei will be in our arms forever!
I can hardly take it in!!!


  1. Have a wonderful week. I missed you by a few hours!


  2. Looks so much fun! Have a restful, fabulous week!!

  3. Love the beach. Happy family vacation!!!!!

  4. Oh you guys look like you are having a ball!! Ben Curtis is SO TALL!! I mean seriously....where does he get that height from *wink-wink*.

  5. cool man, its great beach.
    hmm, do you wanna come in Belitung? This place has a good beach too.

    Belitung Tourism Board - Granite on the Beach


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