Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Touring Day~

Our day began about 5:45 with two girls waking up together and we were off to TRY breakfast again.
Everything went well until we sat down at a table so we moved farther away and I stood to eat while holding Holly~

She finally got down and followed Scott around while he made plates for everyone. She found yogurt and a straw~
I also blew lots of bubbles for them to chase so I could get my three cups of coffee down!!!
We headed back to the room so dad could eat too~
{sorry the quality is so bad but just too cute not to post... Evie took Holly's hand as we walked through the lobby}

Our guide Helen picked us up about 9:30 and we drove to the Temple of Heaven~
We always love walking through parks and watching the local people.
We certainly got lots of stares, questions, and comments... 
Mostly people asked Helen if the girls were twins... everyone smiled and contined to stare. :)

From there we visited a tea house for Ceremonial Tea... was my favorite thing of the day~
We LOVED everything we tasted and so did the girls. We bought a beautiful teapot and box of tea.
Can't wait to get home and begin a new tradition!!!

Next was a rickshaw ride and Hutong tour~
We had the cutest guide Lucy who was from Holly's province and told us probably a 100 times how lucky our girls were that they would grow up in USA.
Not lucky... Blessed!!! This day made us realize all the more how very much we have to be thankful for!!!

I wanted to comment on Holly's grieving... she is crying a lot just out of the blue pretty much all day long. Grieving and crying is all very good in adoption. It shows how much she misses where she lived and was most likely attached to her nanny there. Because of this, she will have a better time of bonding and attachment. Evie couldn't be doing a better job as the big sister. At one point she asked, "Do you like her all that much mom?" And I told her how much we love Holly. Now she just pitches in when the meltdowns come helping dry tears, blowing bubbles, or handing her something she might like. I think it breaks Evie's heart to see Holly hurt so much! When Holly is secure and happy, the girls play so well. Each sharing with the other and making each other laugh. It's a hard time for us when both girls are melting down at the same time. It is a big adjustment for all but God is blessing us with strength and patience we didn't know we had. May He be glorified in ALL we do for this precious one in His name!


  1. I can't wait to log on and see how things are going!! The pic of Evie and Holly holding hands is priceless. I know the sad eyes and crying will soon give way to pure happiness. Blessed indeed.

  2. Amen on the grieving being good in the long run.:)

  3. Amen on the grieving being good in the long run.:)

  4. Taking it ALL in, as we are waiting for Travel Approval now! I love the precious photos, the words sharing all that you are doing, and the words sharing about Holly's grieving process. Taking it ALL in! May your time continue to be to God's Glory!!

  5. So happy to hear it's going (relatively!) well! They are precious "twins" and so blessed to be sisters forever! lots of love and prayers being sent your way! xoxo!

  6. I am so excited for your family! The girls look so precious in their matching pink outfits! I cannot wait to see more updates and pictures.

    I am serving at our church's VBS this week with a friend who's sister is in China right now adopting. Their Gotcha Day was Monday! I love seeing all of these babies with their forever families!

  7. So sweet of E to help out her sissy. What is their age difference? I'll never forget your kind words of encouragement while we were in China with M's grieving. You're absolutely right. She is so attached to us, especially me :) which makes my heart swell.
    Holly will fit right in with your gang!


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