Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to Beijing... via Bullet Train~

It's crazy how what used to take a week in the providential city is done in one day now on day you recieve your child and be ready to move.
This morning we were all up @ 5:45 and get dressed for breakfast.
Couldn't WAIT to get downstairs for my coffee!!!
Got the girls all ready and headed down~

I think we were there about 15 minutes 
before Evie had a small meltdown and instigated Holly's major one. Good thing it was so early and the only people there was another adoptive family. Totally understood. What to do? Stand, take both girls hands, and leave my coffee on the table to head back to the room.

Once in, they were both totally fine eating cereal~
and blowing bubbles {which has been our saving grace}~

I had to have coffee so we thought maybe a little stroll in the stroller might just be a safe bet just to make it to Starbucks. 
We walked all the way there, ordered, and THEN began the second meltdown of the day... back to the room we went!

What to do now? Oh just a little tooth brushing in the mirror~
And more bubbles~

Finally it was time to pack up and head back to the bullet train back to Beijing~
HollyMei and EvieClaire were awesome for the ride doing a little work~

with a little napping thrown in as well.
After a calm non eventful ride, we are back in Beijing until Friday.
Tomorrow a temple and hutong tour... one day closer to HOME!!!!!


  1. I hope today is a little easier. Enjoy this time.


  2. They are so cute together!

  3. WOW! I can't believe you are leaving her Provence so quickly. I hope the melt downs get less and less. Hugs from Georgia!

  4. Such sweethearts! Bless your heart! Hopefully you eventually got to drink a cup of coffee:) Bubbles & Toothbrushes can't live without them in China can you Hugs & Prayers

  5. Good job Momma! Slow and Easy Wins the Race. You are a veteran with the "meltdowns" I see. :)

  6. There's something magical about coffee and bubbles! They are so precious, I love Evies big fancy bows!

  7. So precious to see them together and Holly Mei with her forever family. You inspire me daily. Congratulations on your new little Holly Mei. She is beautiful! Hugs from the far north!

  8. Love following this trip with you guys! I know they are doing tag team melt downs...but man they are cute! You need to take a nice collection of pics of them bickering and melting down. When they are grown they will look at those pics - the hugs and the tears - and remember how special time was for both of them. It is so funny how bubbles and stickers seem to be the ultimate neutralizer for any tantrum...I would love to understand the science behind that - but it works!


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