Two Weeks w/ HollyMei~

Monday, June 30, 2014

Two weeks ago God blessed us with the 9th beautiful blessing in our family~
HollyMei Qiuhan Ankerich
The look in her eyes is heartbreaking... NO idea what was happening to her.

How are things going now?
Better everyday!

We have seen huge growth in trust through attachment and bonding.
There is a twinkle in her eye and she is feeling the love of her family.
The first couple of days home she was a ball of nerves especially when it was time to rest or sleep.
She is sleeping a 2 hour nap plus 12-14 hour nights... huge for her health and overall good~
She is bonding sweetly to all her sibs... big and little.
She calls for baba and mama when she needs us or just because.
She does exactly what Evie does and usually that is good.
She is understanding more and more English.
She laughs and laughs when we repeat her Chinese phrases.

The boys have taken her under their wing just like they have Evie.
A one to one ratio is working out great!!! :)
Today it just felt right to get back in a some sort of routine.
Everyone up about 8 and breakfast right away.
Next chores and back to sunroom for the short version of school.
Holly joined right in and everything went great.
We went out about 11 for a walk but the rain cut it short so we came in for a little PBS.
Lunch and NAP time~
Is there anything sweeter than sleeping children?
Well other than them snuggled up in your lap?
Off to the pool when they wake up...
if the rain holds off.
Thankful to be home with our Holly baby!!!

Fighting Jet Lag~

Saturday, June 28, 2014

There are lots of hard things about adoption...
the wait, the travel {long flights}, reentry home, jet lag, etc.

Not sleeping much during the night and getting up with the girls then a super early day (4 or 5am) 
makes for a very long day in which you just want to close your eyes!

For the first time in all of our trips we are napping about 2 hours in the middle of the day which helps the afternoons.
We are trying to make it to 9 each night and doing pretty well.
We are thankful to have the pool for a diversion~
HollyMei LOVES bath time so we thought she might love the pool too and we were right~
 The bigs were awesome getting in with everyone~
Being outside as much as possible helps everyone!
We loved having our first meal together and even got all the littles around the bar together.
Thanks to Chris and Marcia for cooking!!!~
Evie is waking up before Holly so today she did a little painting~
And Holly ended up sleeping a 14 hour night (8pm-10am)~
Daddy got in the pool today~
NOW it's time for bed... thank goodness!!!
We may be jet lagged but HOME is a great place to be!!!

Our Homecoming~ {Prayer is Power Filled}

Friday, June 27, 2014

We began our journey home Wednesday afternoon in China on a van headed to Hong Kong~
And after an almost 4 hour ride of whipping in and out, curving, and breaking with a long wait through customs...
Scott was SO sick when we reached the Marriott near airport.
I mentioned it on IG that went to FB 
and the prayers starting pouring in...
Prayer is Power Filled because no sooner had we gotten to the room 
and he was sick than he began to feel better then sleep.
Thursday morning we were up @ 5 headed to airport for 4 hour flight to Tokyo, 2 hour layover, then 13 hour flight to Atlanta.
We went from 4 to 12 people with NO complications at all.
Flights were pretty smooth and the girls slept more than they were awake. 
Praise the Lord!!!
The best journey home we have ever had. 
We were SO thankful!

Flight got in just a little late and our immigration wait was long but all worth it when we rounded the corner 
and was met by family and friends waiting to welcome us home!
I have to thank Kelleyn for shooting all these beautiful photos!!!
Memories we will always cherish~

We can't thank Lifeline enough for the support through the long wait, during our travel, and when we return~
Our family is finally reunited and we couldn't be MORE thankful!!!
HollyMei is a dream come true and more precious than she even appears.
Thank You Jesus for our family... we couldn't be more blessed!!!

Last Day in China~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dressed in outfits made by my friend Lori, we headed down for breakfast~

Came back to dress in silks and shoot a few photos~

Best idea ever...
Brought our picnic blanket for a play area in our hotel rooms.
When we leave, I just wrap everything in a big pile then unspread when we come back.

Just hanging out in the room while we wait for our van to Hong Kong this afternoon about 4:30 then one more hotel night and fly out tomorrow morning 8:20!!!!!
 Land home about 3:30 Thursday afternoon to OUR people!!!
 Home sweet home... Can't WAIT!!!!!

Consulate Appointment~

We left the hotel this morning about 8:50 for the US Consulate.
We were there about an hour and a half to apply for HollyMei's visa.
After all the paperwork had been given, we headed back to the hotel and took photos to remember this day forever~

Sometimes they are the best of friends and other times Holly is bopping Evie on the head or back...
either way, they LOVE having each other to play with and can't WAIT to be HOME!

Tomorrow we wait for HollyMei's passport with Visa then leave by van to Hong Kong about 4:30.
Fly out Thursday morning and land in Atlanta around 3:30pm. Whoo hoo!!!!!

Shamian Island~

Monday, June 23, 2014

Breakfast was the best so far with both girls eating so we took them out to feed the HUGE fish~

Took a few photos of our cute girls~

Played in the room for a while and then were off to Shamian Island~
It was wonderful to be back and loved seeing both Michael and Jenny... not to mention all the models in photo shoots and eating @ Lucy's~

We came back for naptime then decided to get dinner in before the storm... we had just finished when the bottom fell out and we had to wait about an hour for it to let up then made a run for it~
Needless to say it was a very fun run back to the hotel. You never heard such laughing coming from two little girls!!! 

Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment... the last official business before getting Holly's visa and the long journey HOME!!!
Can't WAIT for our family to be back together again!!!

Pearl/Jade Market & Chen Temple~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Today was a shopping and touring day with these two precious girls~

After breakfast before we left hotel, we took a Lifeline photo~

Then we were off for a shopping spree~
with the two cutest girls in ALL of China~

and a walk around the temple yard~

One little could take the heat and one could not... around 90 but feels like 104 with the humidity~

Then back to the hotel for lunch, nap~
and playing~
Tomorrow... Shamian Island!!!! and one day closer to HOME!!!!!