Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The NEWS we have ALL been waiting FOR~ {Travel Approval AND Booked Fights}

For 10 months now I have stared at a little girl far across the ocean with NO idea about family, about love, or about us.
I have loved her even without holding her.
I have longed for her even without knowing her.
I have ached for her even without looking in her eyes.
I KNEW she was my child the moment her photo captured my heart.
I just had to {Help} her Baba know it too... then our 8 blessings.
We had only been home from China barely 6 months and God had already chosen another.

We have received many glimpses of her through the wait~
{These just in the month of May}

SO many steps have fallen into place over the last 10 months...
some timely and some excruciatingly long!
ALL in God's perfect timing for SURE!

Our last step after Travel Approval was a Consulate Appointment date.
It was confirmed yesterday for June 24.
Today we booked our International Flights and it is finally starting to feel real!

In 27 days we will hold HollyMei for the first time...
a day that will be very traumatic for her.
I can hardly look back at my children's family day 
because all I see is an empty little vessel with a light that has been snuffed out.
As my children now, they don't even resemble the child in China.

I don't look forward to HollyMei Day with wonderful anticipation
 except for the thought she will be Forever Loved
and Forever with her Family.
It is the scariest time for both us and our new child.
Each not knowing the other...
us WANTING her and her NOT wanting it at all.
Her wanting to go back to the who, what, and where that was familiar.

SO as exciting as all this is, 
HollyMei's life is about to be forever changed in a terrifying way.
If you think of it, pray for her heart to be prepared 
and the minute we take her she would feel an immediate bond to us.

After all we love the Heavenly Father and Mighty God~
He is the Giver of all good gifts~
James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above,
 coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
 who does not change like shifting shadows.

Maybe you are wondering why we are waiting to travel...
Rosie graduates on May 30 {YAY!}
 and we are going on our family vacation June 1-8.
We leave for China that following Friday and when we get home,
we can give ALL our attention to her cocooning and learning everything there is to learn about LOVE!
PTL! We are going to CHINA!!!


  1. How exciting! She and little Evie are going to be much good buddies! What is the age difference between those little girls?

  2. So excited for you!!! Praying for you and sweet Evie!!!

  3. Great News, Congratulations! Is the whole family traveling?

  4. Your children specifically have always amazed me with their INSIDE transformations which are PHYSICALLY evident after they have been home for awhile. Love changes everything! So glad God is writing this story in your family!

  5. I have tears....SO happy for you all!!!!!! Will be praying for you all, for HollyMei, for your travel, for it ALL!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations! So excited for you!

  7. Kudos. Understanding / accepting God's perfect timing leaves one with the knowledge that the One who created our natural world to the finest detail, does the same in individual's lives, if we are tuned in to realize it.

    All those circumstances along the path to your daughter to be, in other's journeys will put you in China with the people He chose for you to interact with - be it for provision, comfort, companionship - He has you covered. Knowing that brings peace.

    May you know that and your daughter come to understand that.

  8. So important for you to take that time together! The children's tanks will be full and ready to bring in a new family member!

  9. Yay! What wonderful news! Looking forward to following you on this last leg of your journey to HollyMei! I can't wait to see all the littles together once she is home and settled. Blessings all around!

  10. Congrats! So thrilled for your family!

  11. Oh I can't wait for that sweet EC to have "her" Holly!! Always praying for her little heart and for your family!!Blessings & love xoxoxoxo


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