Saturday, May 3, 2014

Senior Prom Meets Country Boy~

Such a wonderful day for Rosie getting ready for her second prom...
this time with Hayden~
She went over early to get her hair done and we met them @ a friend's farm for photos~
Senior Prom Meets Country Boys~
SO excited Rosie wore Amelia's senior prom dress...
LOVE the way her eyes popped with the blue.
We ALL loved being there to share it with her.
Amelia surprised Rosie and sweetened the day even more~
Our baby Original~
After we had shot photos all over their yard, 
we headed into the woods to an abandoned trailer 
and old truck for
the BEST Prom photo EVER~
Happy Prom 2014 Rosie and Hayden~
Hope it is Everything Beautiful for both of you!!!
We LOVED sharing it with you!!!


  1. So BEAUTIFUL! Tell Rosie I showed these pictures to the girls and Lauren says "Is that an Elsa dress? (Frozen) She looks beautiful." Love seeing their smiling faces.

  2. So fun!!! My goodness she is gorgeous!

  3. I prom photo ever! Great shot! They are all beautiful ~ hope they had a great & safe evening!

  4. Love these pictures. Looks like it was a fun photo shoot. She is just dazzling in that blue.

  5. She is stunning! The dress is gorgeous and her hair-wow!

  6. Amazingly gorgeous!!! LOVE the dress once again!! Prom dress these days are just beautiful! LOVE ALL the pics. So fun to see them so excited!


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