Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seaweed Soup~ {& Snakes}

For the next couple of weeks we are enjoying 
an ocean unit leading up to our vacay in June.
Our first book was The Little Island 
and today they begged for Seaweed Soup again from last year~
Seaweed Soup is a Mathstart book with a focus on complete sets 
and they wanted to act the book again just like last year!
EK and SJ loved helping the younger three tear paper for seaweed
and teach them how to set a proper table~
After one run through, 
I loved the cook pot to the family room so we could finish up our day~
Evie followed me right in there 
and continued making soup for the WHOLE morning.
I think she and HollyMei are going to have SO much fun playing!

And now the snake {SKIN}~
My daddy gave EK a huge snake skin a long time ago 
which she has kept of course.
Today she found one in our pine isle and loved comparing them.
Scott measured the one she found and it was almost 6 feet long~
THAT is a HUGE snake. YIKES
Freaked me out... she was SO cool about it!
Little zoologist for sure!!!

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