Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend~ {A Blast!}

The kickoff to summer this weekend was wonderful!
Josh, Savannah, and Ben Curtis pulled in Friday evening with their boat~
And we knew it was going to be a great weekend!

Amelia came home Saturday and we hit the lake~
{The PFG Team}

This was Evie and Payne's first adventure on a boat on the lake~
They were wide eyed and fascinated by everything!
 They ALL loved finding a cove so they could jump in and swim around!
Not even kidding how freaked I get when kids are swimming.
I love Scott keeping them close by like little ducklings~
 We celebrated Josh's birthday too!
I made him a cake that FAILED to come out of the cake pan.
It was ugly but it sure tasted yummy and SO did the two churns of homemade ice cream we made~
It was the BEST of weekends that pretty much wore everyone out~
 And I can barely stand how much I miss this little munchkin~
Memorial Day Weekend...
The Kickoff to a great summer ahead!


  1. looks like an absolutely perfect day! Love being on the water!

  2. I'm so glad you guys get to enjoy a boat & the lake again!! What a fun weekend!! Now BEACH here you come :-) ENJOY

  3. You are not alone when you talking about "deep water and children". I'm on edge even though they have floatation devices on. It just makes me a NERVOUS WRECK!! Also since I probably won't log back in until after graduation day, I wanted to wish Rosie a wonderful graduation on tomorrow. Wishing her ALL THE BEST in all her FUTURE ENDEAVORS!


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