Thursday, May 15, 2014

Honors Night~

Scott and I celebrated with Rosemary at her Honors night~
It was my first outing since surgery and did pretty well~
{me and baby original}
It was wonderful to watch Rosie and lots of her friends get awards and scholarships~
SO amazing to hear that over a half million $ in scholarships were given to the class of 2014.
Crazy that Rosie is just two weeks from graduation!
We love you Rose and SO very proud of you!!


  1. Congrats on all your hard work Rosie!! You both look so beautiful! The love of God just radiates from your smiles!!:)still praying for you

  2. Congratulations to Rosie and to your family! Behind every good student are parents who put their whole heart into their child.

  3. So fun to celebrate all things Rosie right now. Yall look like twins. :) Love you sweet friend.

  4. That Rosie is STUNNING!!! Ok....has it been that long since I dropped in or the fact that I'm just noticing "Rosie doesn't have her braces anymore!"


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