Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Mei {May} Day~

Today half a world away our little MeiMei {little sister} had her 4th birthday for the last time without her family~
So cool that we are naming her Mei because she is the little sister and she was most likely born in May!

I shared earlier that we sent a birthday care package to her in April 
and the orphanage staff surprised her with a gorgeous cake~
We were also given an awesome update about our MeiMei...
Here are some things we asked about her~
1.  What does she like to eat for breakfast? What does she like for lunch? And dinner?
She likes every thing. She is not a picky eater. We usually give them:
Breakfast: Soybean milk, deep fried dough sticks, steamed buns, congee.
Lunch: noodles, pan cake, steamed buns, rice, hot dish.
Dinner: congee, steamed buns.

2. Does she talk well and express her needs?
She talks well and expresses her needs well. 

3. Does she have a favorite toy or blanket or pillow? What is it?
Nothing she really attached to. She likes most toys. 

4. We really need new measurements for her so we will bring the right size of clothing. What is her current height, weight, and foot length, from this month?
Height: 94cm; Weight:14.4kg; Head: 52cm; Foot: 14cm; Chest: 49cm; Teeth: 20. 

5. What makes her the most happy? Can you tell me anything that scares her?
Eating delicious food or meeting visitors makes her happy. We haven’t found what scares her. 

6. When she is not behaving, how do you discipline her?
Praise her, hold her and comfort her. 

7. What do you do to help her go to sleep? 
Put her in bed when it’s bedtime. She will play for a little while and fall in sleep herself. 

8. Is she still with her foster family or back in the orphanage?
She is back in the orphanage now. 

9. Is she espcially attached to someone?
Chai Cui Ping, her nanny. 

10. Can you describe a day in her schedule?
Breakfast: 7:30am. Snacks: 9:00am (a piece of bread, a cup of milk). Lunch: 12:00pm. Snacks: 12:20pm (drink water, milk) 3:00pm (crackers and fruit); 4:30pm (drink water, buns); Dinner: 6:00pm.
Get up at 5:00am; Nap: 12:30pm-2:00pm; Go to bed at 8:00pm; wake up for toilet: 2:00am.

Anything else would like the family know?
She can feed herself. She is a slow eater. She likes to be pretty. Likes us call her “little beauty”.
Dear Sweet HollyMei~
We are so thankful God has given us the great blessing to be your forever family.
We can't wait to bring you home to everyone that already loves you.
We prayed for you all day and hope your day was good.
Hope your sweet nanny is whispering to you 'little beauty' because you certainly ARE that to us!
Happy birthday precious baby!!!
Blessings and love,
Mama, Baba, and your family

{A precious family, the Beckers, have made it to China and will be picking up their sweet daughter from Holly's orphanage on Monday.
You can follow them HERE and please be praying for them as they begin their forever with Kate.
Jamie will be visiting the orphanage and praying over HollyMei!!!
THAT makes me VERY thankful and blessed!!!}


  1. Happy birthday to Holly Mei! I can hardly wait to follow along as you travel to bring her home!

  2. Happy Birthday Blessings Holly Mei!!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. She is just so precious!!!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! She will be home soon!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Holly Mei!! She is soooo beautiful!

  6. Sweet Holly Mei Happy Birthday. Hoping to get to meet you and your sweet family in China!!!!!

  7. Be still my heart!! She is gorgeous!!! Holly Mei (love that name) will be a PERFECT addition to your family.


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