Friday, May 23, 2014

Fun Friday~ {Seashore Study}

Today was a very sweet day!
I pulled out a new book we will be reading over the next couple of weeks even while at the beach~
Such a beautiful story format that teaches all about the seashore throughout.
We read the first two chapters and was introduced to Least Sandpipers.
EK pulled out the Shorebirds book and read all the facts about these birds.
We copied the page from the book, added it to our journal, and recorded a fact we learned.

Because we leave for the beach next weekend,
I had them draw all the things they hope to see in the ocean with crayons~
And then fingerpainted a blue wash.
One of the oldest art ideas in the book but no one minded in the least.
They all loved their masterpieces!!!
A VERY Fun Friday!

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