Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chicken Farm Field Trip~

The sweetest boy Colt bought two One tshirts for HollyMei's fundraiser and in the midst of his visit, he invited us to their chicken farm.
Today was the day and we could hardly wait until 4:15~
 Colt and his family were waiting on us and gave us the grand tour.
Both the boys were very brave to hold one of the week old chicks first.
It wasn't until EK and SJ stepped inside the house that they decided they would hold one too~
The littles loved Roscoe their dog as well.
Wish we had gotten a photo of the whole Yeargin family like they did of us~
Dear Yeargin family~
We LOVED our visit today and learned a lot about raising young chickens.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy farming life to share it all with our family.
We can't wait to come back again!!!
Blessings and love,
The Ankerich Family

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  1. Oh My goodnes!! Holly would have LOVED to have gone. She was very disappointed on our trip last week NOT to see or hold any baby chicks. She's STILL talking & wanting to hold one. Great experience!!


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