Rosemary's Graduation~

Saturday, May 31, 2014

How does 13 years pass so quickly?
Scott and I could not believe Rosemary was graduating from high school but she was certainly ready.
We had a little graduation party before~
Complete with strawberry cake and gifts~
A Kiss for our baby original graduate~
We didn't know for sure if the rain was going to clear out but were SO happy that everyone got to go~
We were so proud to watch Rosemary walk as an Honor Graduate~
 The littles were perfect and not a single tear was shed {by me and Scott}~
Of course their favorite part was the hat toss!

Dad and I could not be more proud of you or love you more! 
God has big plans in store for you!
You continue to bring us great joy each day.
SO excited you will be @ UGA in the fall!
{That will be the day the tears come}
Keep your eyes on Christ giving Him all the glory and He will lead you on His chosen path!
Love Mom, Day, and our family

Proverbs 2:1-11
My son, if you accept my words
    and store up my commands within you,
turning your ear to wisdom
    and applying your heart to understanding
indeed, if you call out for insight
    and cry aloud for understanding,
and if you look for it as for silver
    and search for it as for hidden treasure,
then you will understand the fear of the Lord
    and find the knowledge of God.
For the Lord gives wisdom;
    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
He holds success in store for the upright,
    he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,
for he guards the course of the just
    and protects the way of his faithful ones.

Then you will understand what is right and just
    and fair—every good path.
For wisdom will enter your heart,
    and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.
Discretion will protect you,
    and understanding will guard you.

Memorial Day Weekend~ {A Blast!}

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The kickoff to summer this weekend was wonderful!
Josh, Savannah, and Ben Curtis pulled in Friday evening with their boat~
And we knew it was going to be a great weekend!

Amelia came home Saturday and we hit the lake~
{The PFG Team}

This was Evie and Payne's first adventure on a boat on the lake~
They were wide eyed and fascinated by everything!
 They ALL loved finding a cove so they could jump in and swim around!
Not even kidding how freaked I get when kids are swimming.
I love Scott keeping them close by like little ducklings~
 We celebrated Josh's birthday too!
I made him a cake that FAILED to come out of the cake pan.
It was ugly but it sure tasted yummy and SO did the two churns of homemade ice cream we made~
It was the BEST of weekends that pretty much wore everyone out~
 And I can barely stand how much I miss this little munchkin~
Memorial Day Weekend...
The Kickoff to a great summer ahead!


Friday, May 23, 2014

It is pretty difficult to nest while recovering from surgery 
but Scott amuses me by moving furniture around or anything else I need him to do.
Yesterday he picked up a daybed with trundle 
Savannah is letting the little girls borrow for a while.
I wish you could have seen Evie's face when her daddy backed his truck up to the front door.
You would have thought he had a truck load of toys.

Today we were able to get it all set up and she LOVES it~
We have put it in our master suit and will have the little girls with us for a few months 
or however long they need us.
Evie on the top, Holly on the bottom.

One week from today we will be @ Rosie's graduation!
Two weeks from today we will be at the beach!! 
Three weeks from today we will be in the air flying to Beijing!!!
Four weeks from today we will be flying to Guangzhou!!!!
Five weeks from today we will FLY our Holly baby HOME 
and she will be sleeping in this bed right next to Evie!!!!!
Praise GOD for He is greatly to be praised!!!!!

Matt 6:27-30
Wherever you are going, 
God has already been there and paved the way for you. 

Fun Friday~ {Seashore Study}

Today was a very sweet day!
I pulled out a new book we will be reading over the next couple of weeks even while at the beach~
Such a beautiful story format that teaches all about the seashore throughout.
We read the first two chapters and was introduced to Least Sandpipers.
EK pulled out the Shorebirds book and read all the facts about these birds.
We copied the page from the book, added it to our journal, and recorded a fact we learned.

Because we leave for the beach next weekend,
I had them draw all the things they hope to see in the ocean with crayons~
And then fingerpainted a blue wash.
One of the oldest art ideas in the book but no one minded in the least.
They all loved their masterpieces!!!
A VERY Fun Friday!

Seaweed Soup~ {& Snakes}

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the next couple of weeks we are enjoying 
an ocean unit leading up to our vacay in June.
Our first book was The Little Island 
and today they begged for Seaweed Soup again from last year~
Seaweed Soup is a Mathstart book with a focus on complete sets 
and they wanted to act the book again just like last year!
EK and SJ loved helping the younger three tear paper for seaweed
and teach them how to set a proper table~
After one run through, 
I loved the cook pot to the family room so we could finish up our day~
Evie followed me right in there 
and continued making soup for the WHOLE morning.
I think she and HollyMei are going to have SO much fun playing!

And now the snake {SKIN}~
My daddy gave EK a huge snake skin a long time ago 
which she has kept of course.
Today she found one in our pine isle and loved comparing them.
Scott measured the one she found and it was almost 6 feet long~
THAT is a HUGE snake. YIKES
Freaked me out... she was SO cool about it!
Little zoologist for sure!!!

The Pony Express~

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today while reading Benjamin West he sent a letter to his family by The Pony Express~
SO we grabbed some manila envelopes, sharpies, 
and twine to make our very own saddle bags then
Galloped {physical education} to the mailbox to pick up the mail.
Making history real and FUN!!!

The NEWS we have ALL been waiting FOR~ {Travel Approval AND Booked Fights}

For 10 months now I have stared at a little girl far across the ocean with NO idea about family, about love, or about us.
I have loved her even without holding her.
I have longed for her even without knowing her.
I have ached for her even without looking in her eyes.
I KNEW she was my child the moment her photo captured my heart.
I just had to {Help} her Baba know it too... then our 8 blessings.
We had only been home from China barely 6 months and God had already chosen another.

We have received many glimpses of her through the wait~
{These just in the month of May}

SO many steps have fallen into place over the last 10 months...
some timely and some excruciatingly long!
ALL in God's perfect timing for SURE!

Our last step after Travel Approval was a Consulate Appointment date.
It was confirmed yesterday for June 24.
Today we booked our International Flights and it is finally starting to feel real!

In 27 days we will hold HollyMei for the first time...
a day that will be very traumatic for her.
I can hardly look back at my children's family day 
because all I see is an empty little vessel with a light that has been snuffed out.
As my children now, they don't even resemble the child in China.

I don't look forward to HollyMei Day with wonderful anticipation
 except for the thought she will be Forever Loved
and Forever with her Family.
It is the scariest time for both us and our new child.
Each not knowing the other...
us WANTING her and her NOT wanting it at all.
Her wanting to go back to the who, what, and where that was familiar.

SO as exciting as all this is, 
HollyMei's life is about to be forever changed in a terrifying way.
If you think of it, pray for her heart to be prepared 
and the minute we take her she would feel an immediate bond to us.

After all we love the Heavenly Father and Mighty God~
He is the Giver of all good gifts~
James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above,
 coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
 who does not change like shifting shadows.

Maybe you are wondering why we are waiting to travel...
Rosie graduates on May 30 {YAY!}
 and we are going on our family vacation June 1-8.
We leave for China that following Friday and when we get home,
we can give ALL our attention to her cocooning and learning everything there is to learn about LOVE!
PTL! We are going to CHINA!!!

Honors Night~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scott and I celebrated with Rosemary at her Honors night~
It was my first outing since surgery and did pretty well~
{me and baby original}
It was wonderful to watch Rosie and lots of her friends get awards and scholarships~
SO amazing to hear that over a half million $ in scholarships were given to the class of 2014.
Crazy that Rosie is just two weeks from graduation!
We love you Rose and SO very proud of you!!

American History~ {Benjamin West}

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We have been reading Benjamin West and His Cat Grimilkin with our Beautiful Feet American History curriculum~ 
He is known as the father of American painting.
Today as we were reading he painted a landscape and we pulled out our watercolors~

One of his first mediums was charcoal and since Amelia is an Art major, she gave the girls an art lesson~
 Between charcoal and chalk pastels~
They were a mess!
A mess of creative happiness.
Thanks Amelia for sharing your gift with us!!!

They're Here!~

For a few days~
WE couldn't be happier and BC is the best medicine for me~
My table tonight was completely FULL~
Everything Beautiful!!!

Bird Unit Study~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scott went out to clean a nest from our light this weekend and got a sweet little surprise... 5 baby birds.
SO he left them alone and have watched the mother bird fly in and out of the nest about a 1000 times each day.
We got back to school this week and I decided I would read a bird book for FIAR to begin a Bird Unit Study~
EK pulled all her bird books and spend tons of time researching the bird nesting in our light.
She even schooled the other littles.
We are spending lots of time on the floor so they can come to me~
AND Amelia has been spending time teaching art lessons~
All in all a good start back even with a 'sick' mom as the littles refer to me. :)

Ben Curtis~

Went to the beach last week and LOVED it~
Savannah was so sweet to send pics each day to keep me happy!
And more since they have been home~
Can you stand the cuteness???
He has started smiling a lot and guess WHO will be here tomorrow?
YES! Savannah and BC until Friday!!!
Very excited!!!

Mother's Day~ {My Beautiful Children}

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My greatest Jesus given gift and sweetest JOY in my life!
My Children!
There is nothing I would rather do with my life!!
Being a mom is my life calling!
Add grandmom to that and it just gets sweeter!
Thank you Scott for our life and our children.
The blessing gets sweeter with each one... sweet Holly, we are coming!

3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Mother's Day & Payne's BD~

Today was a very sweet day.
We had a wonderful breakfast and went to church via online.
Before hand we sang to Payne for his 6 year old birthday 
and gave him a big lego book with legos.
Everyone loved them~
Scott and Amelia grilled a delicious lunch and allowed me to rest while Evie took a nap as well then...
Payne's birthday party!
Watch how quick Payne is to blow out his candles~
Everyone arrived around 4 for ice cream cake and happy birthday song~
Mama and daddy had a big gift for the birthday boy so we headed out for the reveal~
He LOVED his car and it became the inspiration for the Batman theme party {last minute}!

LOVE these photos taken with him~
I called him over off his new bike which he gladly came and asked for a photo with him.
He smiled big and after the photo said...
Now a kissing one mom!
THAT made my day!!! 
Such a sweet boy and always smiling!

Other things about the day...
EK was in animal heaven today... a salamander and a turtle all in one day~
LOVED having my mama here to hug and love on her.
Can't imagine life without her~
An Everything Beautiful kind of day!!!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

I had some surgery yesterday and came home today.
Everything went well and I have about 4 weeks of recovery...
just enough time to be ready for China. :)
Sported the compression hose home~
Since then, my family/friends have stepped up big to help with everything needing to be done.
It has been a learning curve for both parties...
them and me.
I think it's given a new perspective on just what Mom means but also has given me a lesson in letting them do it. VERY hard!
Savannah sent me this precious photo of BC and it just spoke 'concern' to me. Sweet!
Thankful for all the meals brought, gift cards/cards sent, chores done, and children loved!
Huge Shout for Scott, Amelia, and Rosie!
Thankful for my husband who loves me so well...
 he makes the bed and leaves my side turned down in case I need to rest.