Friday, April 25, 2014

Scary Friday~

This morning we were in the school room when I heard a hissing sound coming from the kitchen.
I had EK peak around the corner and she asked if there was supposed to be smoke coming from the dishwasher...
Ummmm NO!
I rushed to see and had a slight panic.
I opened the door to check it and water shot out everywhere 
AND it wouldn't turn off even when I pushed cancel.
I panicked again!

I called Scott, no answer.
I called my neighbor, no answer.
I called my brother, no answer.
Still panicking... I kept thinking water, smoke, electricity... not good!
Finally both Scott and Jason called... reminding me to kick the breaker.
Scott just happened to get a repair man on the phone as Jason walked in my door!!!
Then the repair man.
With the breaker kicked and the washer off, it was determined water had seemed into the control panel, 
making it overheat and melt... thus the smoke.
THE SMOKE... made my house stick like burned plastic.
The repair man told me to pour coffee in bowls around my house and it would soak up the smell~
It worked!!!
But NOT my dishwasher... it's a goner and will have to be replaced.
For now we are washing dishes the old fashion way. :)
The littles think it's SO fun!


  1. Oh mercy, what a scare! Sorry about your dishwasher but had to giggle about the littles thinking the old fashion way of washing dishes is fun. Interesting about coffee.

  2. Oh NO SOOO scary!!!! Thankful you caught it in time and no one was hurt, although I'm sure spending money on a new dishwasher wasn't what you wanted to be doing right sorry. Glad to know coffee works on smoke.

  3. When we moved last, the movers had us put coffee in old gym socks and stick them in the freezer as it was supposed to suck up all the bad smells… Coffee… Who knew? Glad everyone is safe!


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