Friday, April 25, 2014

Reading with EK~

There is a great deal of reading done each day with everyone...
from Bible to FIAR to living books to history to science and math, 
not to mention chapter books and bedtime stories.
I try to have a time when I specifically sit with EK and SJ to work on reading at their level each day.
This week EK and I chose a Cynthia Rylant book, The Blue Hill Meadows for her to read to me.
One chapter each day and it was wonderful~
As we read, I can't tell you how many connections she made from her life, another book, or something in the world to the text.
We learned much new vocabulary and after reading I always had her extend learning with some kind of writing.
Day 1 with Chap 1 she just wrote a life story of her own of a connection she made.
Day 2 with Chap 2 there was much about a fishing trip. 
I had her record/draw all the fish and research a fact about each.
Day 3 with Chap 3 after reading I had her narrate all she remembered from her reading and I wrote down every word.
Two things she noticed:
~ she remembered SO many details
~ I sure can write fast... wow, cursive really IS awesome!

We have one more chapter and the time spent one on one has been super sweet.
It has encouraged the others to bring me a book for me to read just for them.
Reading with our children is probably one of the BEST things we can spend time doing.

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  1. Absolutely it is!!! One of our favorite things to do. Check back next week & I'll have another book for that Amazon cart :-) aren't you glad. We'll be getting buggy next week. Love the new pics & blog designs. Happy Weekend!


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