Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014~

Easter is one of my favorite days of the whole year!
 I LOVE getting everyone up for their Easter baskets and getting all dressed up for church!
Our service @ NewSpring was amazing... 1495 people SAVED~ crossed over from death to life. 
{God is still God. God is still good. To God be the Glory!}

I also love the family time we share and it seems we grow a little bigger each year.
YES! We welcomed Ben Curtis to the fam this year~
{Just look at him and his little Easter basket!}

My very favorite part is getting a new family photo~
{Looking at our precious baby}

Our Originals make life SO amazing and having them all home was the BEST~

Later in the afternoon we had a little egg hunt in the front yard~
Is there anything more fun to do with your cousins?
More egg hunt~
Probably the BEST thing for the kids of the day was~
Opening our pool!!!
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. looks like you all had a wonderful day, filled with family and sweet blessings! Happy Easter!

  2. Everything looks to have been a Beautiful & Amazing Day your way :-) & yippee for the open pool, Easter Blessings !!!

  3. HAPPY EASTER to the Ankerich Family! Madelyn and I were looking at the new pictures of Ben Curtis this morning. As soon as we saw the picture of BC on the checked blanket, we immediately said he resembled Scott!!! Love your family and can't wait to meet the new member this summer!

    Sheryl and Madelyn

  4. Beautiful family!!! Absolutely love those pictures. Just wait til your little girl joins and it will be even sweeter!