Monday, April 7, 2014

EK's 9th Birthday~

9 years ago in the mountains of Chongqing China a beautiful woman had a baby that she would not be able to keep.
{I know she is beautiful because I look into the beautiful face she birthed every single day.}
I am forever thankful for her brave love to choose life!

Yesterday we celebrated with the whole family with lunch, cupcakes, homemade ice cream, and gifts~
Having the bigs here all together was SO wonderful!
{and just look how much Slate has grown!}

Today was her special day so we took it easy with a big breakfast of sausage biscuits, eggs, and baked oatmeal.
School was pretty much done on the Ipads and in the kitchen~
We wanted to make rice krispie treats and Savannah uped the anty with 
EK's next wish was to clean Louie's fish bowl. :)

EK was excited to open her birthday gift~
A rock collection and some books.
{Geologists being born}
Savannah also shared a delicious Fiesta Pasta bake recipe for dinner paired with salad and quesdillas. Delish!
Finally we sang happy birthday and enjoyed that delicious cake with melted icing poured on top for extra goodness!

EK has grown into one amazing beautiful girl!
She loves everything science and geography.
She also loves to read especially non fiction.
She is a great eater and loves vegetables.
She loves her big sisters and wants to be just like them!
She is the BEST role model for her littles... they look up to her.
She is a hard worker during school and helps everyone.
She loves to organize and keeps things just so.
Her favorite things to do are play with stuffed animals inside
but would choose outside over that any day!
She loves to go anywhere with her daddy.
She loves to ride her scooter 
{thanks for the new one memommy and pop!}.
She loves our dog Sadie and fish Louie 
but misses Fisher SO much that she has times where she cries for him.
This beautiful little girl is tough and brave and we couldn't imagine life without her!
God chose her out of all the children in China to begin our great Chinese journey of love.
We are very much in awe of His mercy and grace for all of us!!!

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, 
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, 
who does not change like shifting shadows.

Happy 9th birthday sweet EllaKate!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet gal!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious girl.

  3. WOW you've had a fabulous weekend!! Birthday Blessings to your beautiful EK!!

  4. Wow! I can't believe she is nine! She is such a beautiful girl!! Happy birthday Ella Kate!

    Anne in Colorado

  5. Happy Birthday Ella Kate!!! Looks like you enjoyed your special day!!!
    Hope to meet you and your sweet momma one of these day!!!

  6. Happy birthday Ella Kate! 9 is divine! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Ella Kate!!!! You are just beautiful!!!!! May God Bless you sweet EK.