Monday, April 21, 2014

Art in Nature~

We are changing it up a bit this week...
going to celebrate God's beautiful creation with Earth Day tomorrow.

Today while reading our history selection Benjamin West we read that he drew on birch bark.
EK went out and gathered bark, a feather (quill) and black paint~
She had quite the audience while trying out this old fashioned art technique.

Instead of a FIAR title this week, I read a great review for The Raft and decided we would use it for our Earth Day selection~
ALL the kids LOVED it!
There were SO many connections with this story.
The boy in the story spends the summer with his grandmother near a river and she encourages him to draw/paint nature.
Today we spent the rest of the day outside enjoying our own yard full of nature!
They even dug up and replanted the wild onions~
Can't imagine what we will get into tomorrow!!!

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