Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning OR Nesting?~

I have a confession...
My kids' rooms sometimes look like this and I just let it go~
 Because they are playing and they know where everything is 
and I just have way more to do than nag them about their stuff.

BUT then it's time to change out closets and drawers and yesterday I was just feeling plain out overwhelmed.
There was stuff everywhere and lots of bins to sort through before I even started the big switch~
 After praying and lamenting to Scott about my prediciment...
what else to do other than call my Mom!!!
The littles were SO excited that both she and I were going to be here at the same time!!!~
 And she showed up and just LOOK at the beauty that happened~
 As I put the girls to bed last night they both commented how wonderful it was to have everything organized again...
music to my ears!!!

The icing on the cake was getting our hard LOA~
The Letter of Acceptance from China that HollyMei is offically our new daughter!!!
Should be on our way to her by the middle of June!!!


  1. I would say you are nesting. :)

  2. Come on JUNE!!! What a WONDERFUL mom...I sort of feel your pain, the switch, my least favorite...bins & clothes sitting in the front bedroom going on 2 weeks now, eventually I'll get it done :)