Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Schooling Mulitple Grades~ {Art & History}

Schooling a second, K/1, 2 PreKs, and a PS can get a little crazy at times so the more we can do together the better.
Today we continued our row of Caps for Sale.
We played Monkey See, Monkey Do and sang 5 Littles Monkeys~
 Sometimes I think some of this is so silly for EK but she's such a great sport and helper!!!
We pulled out the art bin and got creative with paper, paint, and sharpies~
 Monkeys in the tree~

As we waited for each step of our art to dry, we went back to our normal activites...
mainly for EK and SJ~ History
 We thought it was awesome that we started our unit on Benjamin Franklin just as we have been celebrating our very own little Benjamin. 
We read our portion and added photo with statement then I had EK dictate what she remembered.
THEN a very sweet someone gave us a 'Franklin' for our adoption fund and EK was SO excited we had just learned about him today!
I would say that is some pretty sweet enrichment!!!
PTL for His continued blessings in SO many ways! 

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  1. What a Fun Day!!!!! You ALWAYS have fun days. :) Call me if you want to talk MOH over MFW