Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Craze 2014~

Monday we were being warned a winter storm was on its way.
In the south we are usually really wary of that reality.
There was no need to doubt because we woke up yesterday morning to a light dusting 
and continued through the morning as we did school.
After lunch the littles were out the door to BUILD A SNOWMAN...
and they were successful building a Snow Family~
 By evening the forecast was calling for another round even bigger than the first and THIS is what we woke to today~
 A Winter Wonderland on Lakeshore!
 Again we spent the morning in sunroom watching the snow fall while we got our school work done!
After lunch we hit the snow for lots of sledding~
 and freezing to death~
 I like how beautiful the snow is and how much fun the kids have...
but I think we will be ready for warmer temps and clear roads by the weekend. :)
Snow Craze 2014!!!

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  1. Such a treat for your littles!:( & Rosie). After being out of school for a week, it is starting to melt. Crossing our fingers in hopes to reach 60 by the weekend. SOOOOOO tired of freezing here. gee I think 40 degrees would feel tropical.