Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Fun Friday~

Our week was pretty non eventful...
just continued our normal routine with a few Winter books thrown in for fun.
Today we woke up to pretty frigid temps so I decided we would learn about thermometers and temperature~
EK asked if we could sit a bowl of water out on the step to see if it would freeze... watched all day but no ice.
We also watched what happened to ice in the sun then put the melted water back in the freezer.
Amazing how such a simple experiment can make even Evie understand solids and liquids.

Our first book of the day was A Snowy Day and we created our own thermometers to manipulate~ 

EK ran to get her snow globe so we decided to make our own~
 As we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, EK used the Globe pen to let us hear each animal sound... very cool!

We did a little dancing to The Freeze and others~
Had a little snack and called it a Winter Fun Friday.
Next week~

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  1. Another fun ice activity. Take a cup of Kool-Aid (or maybe juice would work) and put it in a bowl of ice, sprinkled with salt. The ice in the bowl will began to absorb the "heat" from the Kool-Aid and it will freeze into a slush. It takes a little while but the kids enjoyed this in our science back in the fall!