Thursday, January 9, 2014

Small Group~ {Wipe Off Books}

Today after we had our morning devo and reading time
 I made sure EK and SJ were working on their own 
so I could introduce a new activity I found at Target yesterday.
I picked up three Wipe Off books: ABC, Mazes, and Math, opened to the middle, and cut them in half~
I took one page from each book and gave to the littles with their dry erase marker.
I sat with them in a Small Group and helped them complete their activity then we switched until they had done all three.
 There was no expectation except to give them exposure to letters, numbers, and problem solving.
I have noticed the boys recognizing lots of letters all around.
That is proof that they are getting ready to learn sounds and begin the wonderful journey of reading.

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  1. LOVE wipe off books for exciting. Miss Holly saw a stop sign today & got SOOO excited, "I can read that sign, STOP!" The joy of watching little ones learn!