Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping It Real~ {Evie}

Today is Evie Eve... tomorrow is EvieClaire Day~
One year since she was placed in my arms screaming scared to death!
This past year has been amazing in SO many ways!

SO many wonderful things about this sweet girl!:
She is SO attached and completely bonded with her family.
She is the BEST sleeper both for naps and night!
She eats very well and knows exactly what she wants.
She speaks so well and talks circles around the boys {keeps them in line too:}.
 She is smart as a whip and wants to do everything the big girls do.
SHE IS A MESS TOO! {in the nicest way of course}

AND NOW... Keeping It Real~

Today I had a doctor's appointment and my mom had planned to spend time with the kids.
I wanted to get the basics in for school so I was just working with EK and SJ while the little three played.
Soon Evie grew tired of the playing and wanted to mess I mean cut and glue so I gave her a magazine page to use.

I was in and out of the room managing school, changing beds, vacuuming, and mopping {my mom was coming remember} and time came for me to get ready to go.

I had Evie come to the boys room right off my room while I got ready and they were to play {Evie's scared of the hair dryer}.
I just had it on for a few minutes and when I checked on them they were doing great {or so I thought}.

I finished getting dressed and headed to the kitchen to get lunch.
I opened the trash to throw something in and there IT was...
a BIG snip of Evie's hair.
I whipped around to look at her closer and gasped
{the other kids thought I had seen a snake I think}!
When I walked toward the school area, there was hair on the floor and table... 
totally my fault as I had forgotten to put the scissors away when school was done. :(

SO here is the new do~
 Yep... right up to her ear! WAAAAAAAA~
But what to do?
It was done and nothing I could say or do.
Bottom line~ Hair grows back and it was my fault anyway.
{you do remember she has cut her bangs not long ago... starting to grow back}
SO on Evie Eve~
 my little Mess Maker eye rolling girl will be sporting pigtails 
every time we leave the house to hide the big missing chunk.

I ADORE this baby and couldn't imagine my life without her but there is another thing I know...
I can't turn my back for a minute.
Just Keeping It Real.


  1. Oh my goodness Sharon!!!!! That sweet little face. She gets a look like Mia gets. Love our spunky girls!!!! Happy Forever family day Evie

  2. Oh I'm right there with you & SO KNOW how you feel. The exact same thing happened awhile back with Miss Holly. 8 inches in fact. Length ..underneath... in the back maybe an inch long., and cut off to the ear on 1 side! She was watching PBS I went into the kitchen to check the crock pot, came right back and scissors went flying across the floor.....she was caught. What is it about cutting hair @ this age?!?! Cute pigtails EC will have and maybe it will grow fast! She's such a cutie!!

  3. OH NO!!! And hahahaha!! Too funny and she is just ADORABLE!!!

  4. Oh girl i feel your pain! lol Remember when Madeline cut her hair and the dogs??? oh my, then cut it again the next year! Maybe 2 times is it???? We sure hope so don't we!!! Most friends thought I loved keeping Madeline's hair short even though it so thick. She finally has that long hair I "longed" for!:)
    Oh Evie you are too cute!

  5. Little girls do love to cut their hair. So sad! Hope the dr. appt went well. Just had a nice stoll in the park. They are getting ready for CNY. So pretty!

  6. LOL! Briana did it back in the day too! I think it might be a girl "rite of passage" - hee, hee. She is still adorable!

  7. She and Kate would be dangerous together :) We had a very similar hair crisis last may. I was sobbing and Scott was hysterical laughing. sigh… Good thing Evie can work the piggies!

  8. Uh oh!!! What a stinker!! Good thing you can conceal it with the cute pigtails!! :)

  9. Oh, it IS nice to know that things like this do go on in your house, too! Junie Mei has found many uses for scissors including her own hair (twice) and vinyl tablecloths (twice). Keeping me on my toes and helping those grey hairs pop up quicker than I'd like, but wouldn't change it!