Tuesday, January 14, 2014

EvieClaire Day~ {One Year}

I remember the day SO clearly the day I saw Evie's pic on an advocacy yahoo group and my heart leap to my throat...
thinking I KNOW she is mine and I HAd to go get her.
BUT... we were praying for a son and we weren't thinking of two.
Who cares what I was thinking... GOD had a WAY bigger plan.

That takes me to this day One Year ago today when this tiny almost three year old came through the Civil Affairs door in Zhengzhou, China.
She was the sweetest thing I had ever seen for the EIGHTH time!
The orphanage director and nannies were precious!!
They clearly loved her and was SO hard for them to let her go~ 

This is the first photo I ever saw of her that took my breath away~
 She came to us terrified after all she had been through 4 abandonments before this one so who could blame her?~
 For the whole week in province, she was very sad and grieved deep!
She would also NOT let me put her down for a second.
I knew as fierce as she fought against this huge change, she would LOVE us that much too~
 One of her first smiles was the day daddy pulled out the bubbles!
Talk about breathtaking!!!~
 Payne was the greatest part of God's plan because he bridged the gap between her world and ours'!
They were instant friends and bonded so sweetly.
Couldn't have chosen this pair, only God!~
 Our time in China was precious with these two.
They began to know family and love~
The last 12 months have been transforming for this tiny scared baby...
The sun came out this morning and I sat her in the photog chair~
 As I shared yesterday, she has more personality in this little body than we sometimes know what to do with but~
   It will serve her well in life and we are leading her to chase Jesus with that spark!
Chase Him sweet one and let Him be your ALL!!!
Happy EvieClaire Day!
Can't imagine life without you!!!


  1. Happy 1 year with Evie! She is a lovely girl! I can't believe a year had gone by! To quick!

  2. Happy 1 year ! She is so sweet and look at that bright smile !

  3. Happy Evie Day!! Just precious melt the heart for sure!! Holly is sitting here she says, "I like her ponytails!" Beautiful Baby!

  4. Happy E day!
    Love her new "do"!

  5. I get teary when I read these posts of yours. Of course, the crying, scared baby pains me. Kids and pain just tears me up! But, then happy tears when I see how she (and your others) blossom so with the love of a family. I would love to see her spunk someday!

  6. Oh happy Evie Day!!!! What a precious blessing she is!!

  7. Happy EvieClaire Day!!! Such a BLESSING to watch her Grow/Smile/LOVE from your blog post!!!
    God is good!!!

    Blessings sweet friend

  8. Just precious, just perfect... Mary Youngblood

  9. Happy EvieClaire Day! And belated Paine Curtis Day! I have been following your blog for a while now and have enjoyed getting to know your family and your children and reading about your journey as an adopting family. I have loved seeing your kids go from scared and insecure to comfortable, secure and children who know they are loved and return that love. Our God is a good God and it's evident in your family.

  10. a true testament to what LOVE can and will do for a child. praise God for your heart for these precious children. can't wait to see your next blessing.

  11. Ohh what a little spunky and sweet girl she is!!! So thankful that have such an incredible aunt and uncle to look up to. Y'all are truly amazing!!!!! Much love to everyone :) XoXo

  12. Four abandonments?!?!? Oh my! How could anyone abandon those sweet sweet eyes? Well, I'm so glad she is with her family now being loved on and cherished!

  13. What a difference a year makes! She just oozes with personality..,.I LOVE it!'s a beautiful thing!!!

  14. Forgot to say Happy Evie Day yesterday! 1 year! Can't believe it. So happy that that frown is gone forever and replaced with a sweet smile!

  15. Actually, her pigtails look adorable! Love the bangs, too! :)

  16. Gosh she's changed! Happy EvieClaire Day to all of you! xoxo ellie

  17. Such changes in one year, a treasured blessing to your family!
    Happy EvieClaire Day! She's beyond precious, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  18. Such a beautiful child and precious gift from God! Hard to believe it's been a year since I first stumbled upon your blog...and here we are weeks away from having our Andie-Grace placed in our arms! HE is ever faithful! Love all the beautiful photos, too! :)