Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year~ {2014}

Over the holidays I did it again... reorganized our school area~
 My mom had been storing this chest for me and I had the idea to transform it into the school chest.
We LOVE it!
Top drawer is all for EK, middle for SJ, and three bottom for 3 littles.
In basket on the left underneath is a week's worth of preschool activities and the one on the right is my basket.
We also have a listening and reading basket. 

I had thought our first day back would be low key expecting kids to resist getting back in the swing.
As I was finishing up breakfast, EK had pulled out the Pick and Draw cards and had everyone organized playing {even Evie}.
I let them continue as long as they were interested even pulling out the smelly markers to color the faces.

We started our new Bible study book~
A big thumbs up so far!!!

I had planned for us to read A New Coat for Anna in December but just didn't get to it.
We are enjoying it this week~

 Of course their favorite part was the sheep so we found a cool YouTube and learned all about sheep shearing.
The rest of the morning was pretty much spent on the floor writing, drawing, and loving our school time!

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