Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Two~

Our second Thanksgiving was spent Saturday evening with the addition of my sister and her family.
It was also the day we had planned to shoot our Christmas card photo.
Amelia shot this of Scott and I~
Josh was on his way back when he got a call his dad had been taken to the hospital with pneumonia so he turned around and headed straight back to him. Please be praying for Mr. Ben and their family!
Since Josh wasn't in photo Savannah wasn't either {She shot our photo!} and they will be featured on the back along with sweet Abby.
I did get a very sweet shot of my beautiful children~

I also took time to shoot a few senior photos of Rosemary~
 The last to the right so symbolic of her week applying to colleges and wondering where God will plant her for His plan!

As we crossed back over the street, I was struck once again by how wonderful Home is during the holidays~
 Thankful to have a houseful once again~

My Grandfather~

My Parents~

My Sister, Marcia and her family~

My brother Jason and his family~
 {Missed you Jessie, Peter, and Josh!}

And wasn't God so AWESOME when He painted the sky with such beauty~
 Even three little boys were awe struck~
Thanksgiving Two... a Huge Success!!!


  1. Such a sweet Thanksgiving! Yes, your home looks so warm and lovely at the holidays! You are an inspiration. When I have my, "How can I handle FOUR?" moments, is just when your blog pops up and see your beautiful family. :)

  2. love love love the photos in this heartwarming and beautiful


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