Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finding Christmas~

Today we read Finding Christmas as an introduction into a card making celebration for my sweet mom's birthday today~
 I am sure the passage on this page never stuck me quite as hard as it did today...
"Sometimes the best presents are the ones that find us."

I told them the following story~

One day long ago when you were little ones in an orphanage far away in China you didn't have a family to love you, a home to shelter you, or enough food to fill your tummy.
Mommy and daddy found you and brought you home to be our forever gifts!
So you see the best gifts ARE the ones that find you.
We found you and you found us.
God's blessings are the best even when we can't see it clearly.
I'm thankful for each one of you... 
five of the nine sweetest gifts we ever been given.

A little video shot while working~
As we sat working on our cards, there was a knock at our door and who should be peering through our window but Old Saint Nick~
 What a fun surprise!
Evie was a little overwhelmed that he was in our house I think. :)
Thank you Mr. Robert and Ms. Hope for making our school day so special.
We also loved having LilyHope visit too~
I'm sure you're thinking what I'm thinking...
This is EXACTLY what my life will look like when our sweet baby HollyMei 
{yes, we are changing her name}
 is home in the coming year!
Oh my what a glorious day it turned out to be!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!! What a GREAT Day! Love the name by the way....I wonder why?!?!...Blessings!


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