Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Trees~

Seems we have many books with Christmas tree themes and one was chosen today so I decided we needed to research why we have them at Christmas.
We grabbed the IPad and read a few things about it and sang Oh Christmas Tree together.
Then we found an adorable song on YouTube called The Dancing Christmas Tree Song!
They LOVED it... we also did a little dancing to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree until things got a little crazy~

Today we read two books:
 Both so sweet in their own way.
I had sequencing sheet of getting a Christmas tree and we colored, cut, discussed, and sequenced into their journals.
A kind of relaxed morning but very special all the same.
Hoping to take them Christmas tree hunting this week!!!

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  1. So much fun...ANOTHER snow day for us, we have planned to go to the farm to see those Christmas trees too on Sat, BUT we are to get winter weather AGAIN Friday so we will see. Happy Hunting..


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