Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This and That this Week~

I know I've said it before and now again...
The girls LOVE Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology!
 I save it for last each day as it motivates them to move along so they can get to it!

I have always believed writing to be a direct correlation to reading and vice versa.
As we began SJ's kindergarten year this year I had her draw anything she wanted and dictate to me. 
Really she was doing this last year. 
After the first week or so I would still write down her dictation but left space for her to copy underneath.

The next step was writing on her own by sounding out and I do this using magic lines.
Magic lines are just lines I draw to represent each word she says... giving her a visual for what she will write.
I think the gradual procession through these steps has been a super smooth transition because she comes to writing workshop ready to write~ (bottom photo)
You can see from the photos on top the boys are drawing and dictating each day too.
I drew a shape today on their paper and they used it to make something... trucks of course.
After drawing and coloring (have to use 5 colors because they are 5), I have them tell me about their story and I write the words.
They trace what I write and can {Read} them back to me.
Writing Rocks!!!

 Preschool Drawers~
I had an activity in which the boys and Evie would cut out 4 toys they wished for for Christmas and glue onto a sectioned paper plate...
the big girls couldn't resist doing it too.
I did have them label their toys and they had to find more than their age~
I also made it clear we wouldn't be getting all these amazing things... just wishing.
AND from the last photo in the collage I guess you can see Evie did a little hair salon work today.
{Luckily can't tell where and I am thankful!}

The boys absolutly LOVED the Build a City game today:
They rolled a die, counted the dots, built a building with unifix cubes, and placed on their street~
SO much good language went on with this activity!
"I rolled a 4" (picks up 2 and says "need 2 more".
Pretty sure that is addition and they don't even know it.
Also "This building is taller" or "shorter"...
I think the cool thing was by the end of their street, they were recognizing the dots without having to count.
SUPER Job boys!!!

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  1. Love the build-a-city idea! We just got some unifix cubes and have been using them for lots of things. I had no idea they were so great to "cook" with? ;-) ~Jackie