Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful Day 19 {Love and Support}~

My day began with a tiny one coming around the corner and her first word was "Paint?"... Thankful.
After school and lunch we headed into Gwinnett for WP's 5 year old well appointment.
I am Thankful for a great report although he hasn't gained even a lb this year so need to bulk him up a little and he failed his eye test... off to the eye dr we go.
We were able to meet and eat with Savannah... Thankful to see her sweet belly growing with Baby Dove~
 And while I was loving on 6 of the 8, Scott took Rosie out for dinner and they had a wonderful time... Thankful!
Amelia wanted to meet us so bad but she had class and her Phi Mu Thanksgiving social so she was being loved by her roomies, Lew and Avery... Thankful!
SO Thankful for Love and Support to ALL my sweet ones!!!

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  1. humm EC may be following in her Big Sis's footsteps:)another artist in the making?!?! My sweet N has those years of very little or no growing too....she's a petite thing (even though I feed her well:)smile


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