Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful Day 10 {HollyMei}~

One of the hardest things about adoption is wondering what your baby does each day, 
if they're well, and what they look like.

For the past few weeks I have wanted a new glimpse of our girl and have had so many people ask if we've had an update.

Updates are hard to come by and usually pretty pricy but we definitely pay for one after LOA~ 
we're not even close to that yet.

All that to say, I have needed a new photo and guess what?

I am in a group on FB of other moms with children from Holly's orphanage. 
Just like most other adoptive friends, we are instant friends and sharers of all info concerning our children. 
I have certainly been blessed by them!

Last week I got a message that someone had been online searching Chinese websites, 
found a collage of children from Handan City SWI,
 and a beautiful child's face was the first one.
My new friends were convinced it was our baby!!

A glimpse of our sweet baby Holly!!!!!
 First photo I ever saw of her along side new one~
 Newest photo we have of her along side new one~
I'd say pretty confidently, she's our baby and isn't she beautiful?
LOVE that smile and her eyebrows take my breath away!
Just what this mama needed during this long wait!!!

Where are we in the process?
We received our fingerprint appointment with USCIS on Saturday and are scheduled for that on Dec 3rd.
We're making progress and for that we are very Thankful!

We are also super Thankful for our awesome t shirt sales so far~
We mailed our first batch Friday late and my sweet friend Lyn posted this pic on IG Saturday~
 What a sweet sight to see!
My littles were thrilled to see their friends wearing shirts to help bring their little sister home.
What a testimony shared and also another blessing to be Thankful for.

I am Thankful for every single person who has ordered, thought of ordering, or just donated to our adoption.

Our precious HollyMei is greatly blessed by each you and one day I will tell her ALL about how well you loved her even before you knew her.

Sounds a lot like how Jesus loves each of us too...
more than we deserve and better than we could imagine.
Blessings and love to all!

1 Cornithians 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. 
But the greatest of these is love.


  1. Wow Sharon!!! She is just beautiful :) And I LOVE that Jesus gave you a pic of her sweet smile :))))) It can't get any better than that!!!

  2. OH MY!! What a SWEET Surprise....just look @ that laugh, priceless!!

  3. Oh your Abby Mei is just precious! Love her smile too!