Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Silhouettes Tutorial~

Easy tutorial for making silhouettes...

I had each one sit in a chair near a window and just flash me a smile to get warmed up~
 Then I faced them to the side and gave a certain something to look at...
I filled the frame with their profile.
{May take a few shots to get the just the right side view}~
 Next I printed each photo on white copy paper and placed on top of a black piece of construction paper.
Very carefully I cut around the profile of photo and black paper.
When complete I had a beautiful silhouette.

I coated the back of the silhouette with rubber cement and while wet attached to manila paper... could use just a simple piece of copy paper~
Once completely dry, I hung them from a fishing line with clothespins.
I knew they were perfect when they kids came in from playing and EK said, "Mom, I really like the silhouettes!"

Language Idea~
EK is learning all about quotes and how they are written with quotation marks.
Today after I read Cranberry Thanksgiving, I had her go through and only read the words "spoken" by someone in the story.
She loved it.
Then she chose her favorite passage and recorded in her journal.
I think it was a much better activity than something suggested in her lesson.
 Tonight as I was writing this and she was looking over my shoulder reading every word I wrote, she saw HER quote from the day!
That is when you know real learning is sinking in!

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