Friday, November 1, 2013

Candy Day {Fun Friday}~

First thing that popped out of Evie's mouth this morning was "My Candy?"
and this would be her lucky day since I had planned a very FEW candy activities for Fun Friday.

What would Candy Day be without a quick game of Candy Land?
We dumped all our candy and sorted into kinds placing them on sheets of construction paper~
 This might sound like a silly activity but for lots of kids {especially kids from hard places} it is often difficult to let their candy go into 'the big pile' but everyone did well.

EK labeled all the groups and SJ counted writing the number then we all talked about most, least, and equal.

Next we chose our fav and glued the wrapper in our journals writing while we enjoyed our candy... ONE piece. :)
Halloween has come to an end... time for the REAL fun to begin!!!

1 comment:

  1. What great ideas....but really ...just 1 piece LOL if it comes to chocolate I have to have at least 2.
    FYI that candy works GREAT on gingerbread houses, would go well with those decorations going up, gets used up in a hurry that way.