Thursday, October 10, 2013

S'more please~

Little moments in our day~
~ EC built a duplo car and rode it around the house
~ WP has strep and covered in fever blisters :(
~ EC took a nap in her big girl bed
~ We had a picnic dinner
~ We made s'mores after dinner
~ Sweet s'more faces
~Sadie enjoying her running around time!
S'more Please!


  1. Sorry you have one sick boy! You just can't seem to beat the sickies! Glad you are soaking up the last days of fall!

  2. Don't you just LOVE all those little moments!! We had a picnic last night too, take out Chinese though & no smores. Miss Natalie and I just laid on the quilt looking up at the fall sky and chatted up a storm. Prayers for sweet WP...Happy Weekend!!!