Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Reading and Puzzles~

A friend of mine suggested I get Billy and Blaze for EK since she is such a huge horse girl.
Today this was our selection for reading time and she read all 56 pages... LOVED it!
It was written in the year my dad was born~ Awesome and made for some great discussion of then/now~
I had her choose her favorite part {page with horse AND dog} and we made a copy of that page. It is drawn in all black and white so she added color and did some copy work. 
I already know she is going to want the rest... OY! 

 Little littles are doing a great job on their activities and as I was going through some of our stuff I almost put the 'baby' puzzles away but had a great idea~
I chose 5 of the puzzles and dumped all the pieces in a container then put them out to see what would happen.
Bingo... the two that need language practice took the bait.
They worked so well sorting pieces into the puzzles and we spent time naming everything, making sounds, and just talking...
then Evie had the idea of walking on them. 
{Come on Payne!} and he followed. :)
They cleaned up all on their own.
Will try it again tomorrow!


  1. Oh I am so glad she liked the book. they are a favorite for my horse lover. Blessings and love from the Lonestar state.

  2. Holly still LOVES her "baby" puzzles...great way to develop those language skills.

  3. When I was in 1st grade, we weren't old enough to go to the school library, so the librarian came to us with a cart of books, and she always "read" us a story (pretty sure she wasn't reading but storytelling). My absolute favorites were the days she told us Billy and Blaze stories. Such oldies but goodies! ~ Jackie