Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Play~

The last few days have had a little crispness in the air... so great to be outside.
Yesterday's play was all about sticks. 
I think our reading of Pocahontas has brought about some pretend play~
{Funny story... EK and SJ were amazed to learn Pocahontas was a real person in history not just a Disney princess:}
 As the sun went down, the air became chillier and chillier willing us to built our first fire in the chiminea~
There was no smores to be made but daddy did tell some awesome stories before bedtime.
Fall Play... even into the night. :)


  1. LOVE nieces are always reading Pioneer books and you will find them in their pioneer dresses playing away ALL THE TIME...they even brought them with them this weekend....enjoy the fall temps!!

  2. I notice your poor dog always in the cage in the garage....rather heartbreaking.