Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday~

Today was a lot better and I'm thankful for all the notes of encouragement!
You can be sure if you asked me to pray for you I have called your name today!!
I was not able to email everyone back as there were a few with non reply comments but know every note was appreciated!

Today I am sharing moments I am thankful for...

EK initiated her second piano lesson, Found SJ in the school room reading to the boys~
 Evie LOVES to have her hand traced, she grabbed her journal and said {my write my name momma}, 
and tonight I went up to tuck in the girls and found a {beautiful mess}...
Hey big girls {S,A,R} I had a major Deju vu when I saw them sitting there drawing...
 remember our drawing table @ HM?
Actually I have these moments all the time... 
reliving the good old days all over again. :)


  1. Prayed for ya ALL day! Such precious little sweeties & moments...all to be thankful for:)AHH the little things. Blessings & Love & Today's FRIDAY!!:)Happy Weekend

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Will keep you and your incredible family in my prayers!