Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday~ Dairy Farm Field Trip

Our BFIAR book this week was Angus Lost.
In the story, the little dog gets lost and ends up following a milk cart back home~
Of course we spent a lot of time this week discussing dairy farms and cows as well as watching videos and researching in books.

Today we decided on a field trip day since my family {dad and brother} own and operate a dairy farm~

We were hoping to see the milk truck picking up milk but it only comes every other day.
No worries... we had plenty to experience and enjoy like...

The baby calves barn~
It just so happens a new calf had just been pulled {born} a few minutes before we arrived so we went right over to see it~
We talked about how the milk goes from cow into the big cooling tank and waits for the truck to pick it up.
Of course we can NEVER come to the barn without a visit to Memommy's house~
While there EK was exploring around a huge tree stump and found what I think are probably black snake eggs.
She thought it was awesome... I thought ewwwww!

Next we were off to the grocery store to find at least 10 items made from milk and make a list~
 We went down every single aisle as EK recorded and SJ spelled items for her.
It was fun to pick out dairy foods we could enjoy for lunch...
But not before we went BACK to the barn to see if the calf had gotten up yet.
Yes, it had moved and was nestled in beside its new mom.
We headed home for our 'dairy lunch' {no nutrition haters please} and listened to two wonderful books Memommy just happen to have and shared with us while we ate.
A great Fun Friday!
They all want to go back in the morning to see the milk truck... 
maybe daddy will take them. :)


  1. What a absolute wonderful day!!!! How incredibly fun!!! You are soooo creative!!!

  2. What a FUN Friday!! Glad those eggs were empty:)well, maybe...where's the snakes now? LOL
    I'm sure they LOVED their dairy lunch & story time!!!