Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Baby and her Daddy~

Because we are in and out of the dr for a mirage of things
the kids play dr office a lot.
Scott has a game he plays with them... {You need a shot}~
 Evie LOVES watching him rub her finger with imaginary alcohol and then wait for the stick of his fingernail.
The anticipation is SO fun to watch and obviously to take photos of. :)
And then... again daddy, again!!!
A baby and her daddy~ LOVE!!!


  1. Those pictures put such a smile on my face, which I really needed today. Such a joy to see Evie smiling and laughing!

  2. Good thing you still have 9 months before baby Abby comes, because this baby girl still needs to be the baby!

  3. I'll never get enough of that smile! ~Jackie

  4. You can just HEAR those giggles!!!

  5. So sweet. Mia is very smitten with her daddy too. Our home study starts Sunday!!!! So excited and we have finally moved into our home this past weekend. Yeah!!!!