Thankful Thursday... {HollyMei}~

Lots of families come home from China worn out and emotionally drained. 
Unless you have adopted, there is no way to understand the feelings, emotions, physical strain, and stress... 
more times than not I have come home saying we are done... 
and Scott always says 'nothing surprises me' or 'never say never'.

I have to be honest.
I tried to stop reading adoption blogs.
I tried to stay off advocacy websites.
I tried to not look at waiting kids on every agency list.
I tried to tell God I was done.

Truth is... He was not done with me.
He knew I still had room in my heart, my home, and my arms.

On July 19 I saw a face I had seen before but was too soon to know. This time it was different... I knew.

I sent an email to ask if she had a family... no.
May I see the file... yes.

Wow, our precious new 3 year old daughter.
She is 3 months younger than Evie so they will virtual twin babies.
Her special need was nothing we had ever considered but not one single doctor or specialist said no.
Scott and I talked and prayed for days about her.
The update Lifeline was able to get was probably the deciding factor.
She looked to be hitting her developmental milestones.
I think someone had asked for an update with photos without her clothes on so there was one of her in just some shorts 
and her face was just so angelic~
 There were also two videos of her and I screenshot lots of photos from them~

Want to know why I loved The Scavenger's Daughters SO MUCH?
Our baby is in foster care with a Ye Ye and Nai Nai...
 she is dancing with her Ye Ye in these photos. 
Hope to have the videos soon!

 I felt like as I read the book I was visiting my baby's life for a little while. 
Such a blessing she is living with a family right now...
In the long run will be huge for her attachment and bonding. 

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to some and so NOT a surprise to others.
We have shared this amazing news with most of our family, 
especially with our own immediate family and everyone is happy and excited.
The bigs are not surprised (always ready to love another)
 and the littles are excited to have another play/school mate.

I have reached out to people that might be able to shed light on her special need or maybe ones that know about her orphanage/city.
Yay! Lori Borah... our babies are bro/sis!
Everyone has been so helpful and supportive.
I am amazed each day at the many red threads God weaves through His children's stories.

There were two precious friends that meant so much to me as we prayed for direction from God...
LeighAnn (Abbie) and Kelli (MeiLi) shared their girls' stories with us and we are so thankful for their willingness.

We are naming our baby~~
HollyMei (Mei Mei is Chinese for little sister).
So join us for Thankful Thursday as we introduce our baby and announce PA (pre approval) for
HollyMei Qiuhan Ankerich~
Look at the twin babies...
Aren't they gonna be the cutest pair in the world?
I am still wrapping my heart and mind around this amazing blessing! Scott too. LOL


  1. Woohoo!!! Yippee!!! So excited for you!!!! She is beautiful and is such a wonderful blessing! Congratulations!

  2. OH WOW!!! So excited for you all! She is so beautiful!

  3. So excited for you!!! AbbyMei looks so much like Evie already!!!! I am not surprised in the LEAST you are going back! The question remains, one or two? Hee!

  4. Oh my stars!!! I was at the beach this last week thinking of how we were there together last year and just casually in passing thought to myself, "I wonder if they will adopt again...." :D SO excited to get my answer SO soon!!!! CONGRATS! She's perfect and beautiful!!!!

  5. Wow - and many congratulations, she is beautiful!

  6. AHH You are right!! Not surprised in the least!!!! Abby Mei is simply beautiful! Like another special someone posted on LWB just the other day....."It is just so very hard to ever say you are done!" Prayers for the journey and the sweet soul now begin!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! What a precious addition to your blessed family!

  8. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo happy for y'all!!!!!!

    Apparently we have several friends in common!! The adoption community is wonderful!!


  9. PRECIOUS little girl!! Another Blessing from God! SO excited for your family!! Praying after she comes home, we can come visit. It would be SO wonderful to have her and Colin get to know one another...again!!!


  10. Wow I am shocked!! Only one this time?!?!

  11. This is amazing....They DO look like twins. Congrats on your new daughter. She is blessed.

  12. This is amazing....They DO look like twins. Congrats on your new daughter. She is blessed.

  13. AWESOME news! Your family is an inspiration to me! My virtual twins are one DAY apart. One bio, one from China. It's so much fun having twins;-)

  14. Congratulations! So excited for all you are doing!

  15. Ahhh!! Love love love!! We met you in Guangzhou in Nov. 2011 when we adopted our Gracie and you adopted your Will... You probably don't remember me, but somehow I came across your blog and have been loving it for the last few months. We share a similar story that you started paperwork after you Nov. 2011 adoption for a specific child and then God led you to another blessing(s)!!!
    We just came home with our unexpected blessing two weeks ago... we had started paperwork for someone who lived with our Gracie, but God had other plans and we ended up coming home with OUR MOST PRECIOUS NEW blessing from China...our baby boy from Bao'an Guangdong!

    Love love love to see how God is working in your family!!! This is so exciting!!! What a blessing all around!!!

  16. We have virtual twins too and LOOOOVE IT! Double blessings from God!

  17. Yeah! So happy for you! Now let's pray your paperwork goes quickly, so she can be in the arms of her forever family!

  18. Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations!!!!! Such awesome news!!!! A playmate for Evie....your littles will be in pairs of two. Love it! They must be so excited.

  19. How exciting! She is beautiful. :)

  20. I just love you friend!! Words cannot even express!!! xoxoxo!!

  21. Oh my word. What a wonderful blessing!! I have read your blog for a few years now and I truly admire how deep you love is for your bigs and all your China babies. I have always said I wanted to adopt later in my life once I am married and have my own children...reading your blog has shown me how big & possible God can make that happen! God bless your entire family! I so cannot wait to read more about little miss AbbyMei.

  22. Oh my goodness! I just read your post and I am SO EXCITED for you guys!!! You guys are our heros!!! We're still trying to get our feet under us from our FIRST adoption...ha! You rock and I absolutely love how faithful you are to Jesus' call!!! We will be praying :) Our bigs haven't seen this post yet - but I'm sure when I show them tomorrow they will be BEGGING us to adopt again ;) They already pray every night for us to! She is just beautiful and what a blessing for Miss Evie :) I saw your comment on our blog...I miss our talks, too - I'll text you and call soon ;)

  23. Coming out of lurking to say how happy I am for your family and your special new daughter. She is beautiful!!!

  24. How exciting!!! Congratulations and best wishes. She is adorable. Hope you get her home soon. Evie will be in heaven having a playmate her own age. :)

  25. Congrats on your newest blessing! You and Scott make parenting look so easy! However, I am still convinced that you don't sleep at night!

    Congratulations! I can't wait to follow your journey!

  26. Oh I am in tears....Congratulations! You are the perfect example of Gods gracious blessings. I can't wait to follow on your amazing journey again. So happy for you!
    Patty From VA.

  27. Congratulations! She is going to be a perfect addition to your family!

    Courtney Barnett

  28. Oh Sharon, I'm soooo happy for you & your family!

  29. I'm also coming out from lurking and wanted to say a huge congratulations to you and your (already very big!) family! Can't wait to see the joys the addition to the family brings! You are all such an encouragement and blessing to others! Looking forward to the journey!

  30. Your an amazing family! I've been following(lurker) your blog right before Savannah got married. I feel like I know your family so well. Your faith is so inspiring to me. I have two adopted(adults now)children, one says she would never put a child through adoption which really hurts and the other feels so blessed to have been adopted. I so admire reading the adoption blogs that are so strong in their faith. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart that you see the need for these china children. You are a saint!

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  32. So very excited for your family!!! What a beautiful little girl AbbyMei is!!!

  33. Yea!!! Your first comments made me laugh. We talked all about going back and getting a third child PRIOR to going to get Chengbin! Now however, we are exhausted and I have had some sort of appointment EVERY day this week and next week seems to be filling up too!! LOL I WANT to go back, We have more space in the house and more room in our hearts, but finding the time and the patience... God's gonna have to help us with those!!! ;)

    Congratulations! She is so special!!!


  34. She is gorgeous! Congratulations!! Virtual twins are so fun!!

  35. Oh Sharon and Scott..we are so excited for your whole family and AbbyMei is just beautiful. We are so happy to follow your journey to her. Such a beautiful family you all are xoxo


  36. YAY!!!!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!!!

  37. Congratulations! Such great news!