Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tending the Sick~

Beauty of schooling @ home~
 I can tend the sick and still squeeze the 3Rs in pretty easily.
Did a little reading, writing, and math with some technology thrown in for good measure: 
Audible of Kindle, Ed games on IPad, and Reading Eggs on the Mac.
I'd say that makes for a counted day of school and hoping my sick are well when we wake in the am!


  1. Pray everyone feels better tomorrow!!
    Sweet dreams...

  2. Way to go! Good strategy! Hope they feel better tomorrow!

  3. Prayers they feel all better tomorrow.

  4. Prayed last night & today that they are feeling better...My sweet Miss N has had to go to school all week sick(fall allergies) because (humm 4th grade) they have tests every other day. Speedy recovery to your sweeties........