Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sheila Ray the Brave~

Since we are throwing FIAR into the wind right now and doing a Kevin Henkes author study, 
I thought it necessary for the kids to meet him... online of course~
We all sat and watched a great video of him sharing his life as an author and illustrator.
We read Sheila Ray the Brave {did a little predicting and retelling} then discussed the things that do and don't make us afraid.
With those thoughts circling in our heads, we pulled our journals and illustrated just like Kevin... added the words... and used watercolors to finish off our masterpieces.
I think this awesome idea of SJ's is going fabulously!

At one point this morning everyone enjoyed hanging their name on the clothesline~
Naming the letters in their name and everyone else's too. LOVE the connection the little littles make when they notice same letters in various names. 
Letter learning when they don't even realize it.

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  1. My girls love Kevin Henkes too...and that funny Sheila Rae. Fun. :-)