Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our First Day of 2013-14~

Everyone was up and ready this morning by 8 to begin our first day of 2013-14 school year~
Maybe you've heard the phrase... 
'Eat the frog' 
meaning do the thing you least like first thing getting it over with leaving the rest of the day for things you love.
The 'frog' for my two girls is worksheet work {Explode the Code} but I like the phonics reinforcement so it's staying and we got it over with first thing~
 Next was our Bible/Calendar time... We read how we SEE God in the things He made so took our journals outside to draw/list things He made for us.
This year we have moved our school room to the sunroom {needed the whole space in the other room for a playroom} and we love it~
A bright and sunny space for little ones to learn about their Maker and look on all He has made.
The rainbow drawers above have been my greatest organizer for our school day/curriculum.
I love my new desk area and the little three have their own shelf with baskets and trays.
This morning while eating breakfast SJ asked if she could bring her backpack to school~ yes. "What should I put in it?" I suggested something for Show and Tell {Her eyes lit up!} and I can honestly say THIS was their favorite part of the day~
I am still using BFIAR with the little littles {bigs loved it too} and after reading Jesse Bear, I took their photo in their first day of school outfit so they could write or narrate descriptions~
EK and I also started our new History curriculum from Beautiful Feet... Early American History AND due to the recommendation of a friend we are also adding Science Apologia: Land Animals of the Sixth Day: She LOVED it!!! We found the scripture and she highlighted (BIG fun)!
Lastly... we didn't actually get to spelling and math but that comes tomorrow.

For me planning ahead is kind of not necessary. I have all my materials organized in the rainbow drawers and we move through them in order each day doing the next thing. I have found instead of writing plans before... it is better if I write them after the day is done thus the notebook in the photo above. 
Works perfectly for me!



  1. What a fun day! We use explode the code and apologia also! Peter is working through All About Spelling. It's much different working through it with him than working through it with my first two. But he's persevering. Have a wonderful school year! What a blessing it is to stay home and do what we do!

  2. LOVE it!!! Love that she loved the Apologia!! It sounded right up her ally!! Looks like you all had a great day!!

  3. Explode the Code, Apologia Science, and Beautiful Feet History sets were all favorites of our school days. Looks like fun!

  4. I'm admiring your family from afar! Homeschooling is AMAZING to me! I so wish I was able to homeschool.

  5. Wow and I am just thrilled if we get to squeeze in a game of Candyland in a day ;). You go girl!! Maybe u need another one just to keep things a bit more challenging in your house-lol

  6. You are such an amazing inspiration!!Looks like a great start to what will be an amazing year of learning I'm sure, as your little's are blessed with an amazing teacher/mommy!! Wish we could join you, as I'm just not that motivated yet.

  7. You blow me away with all that you do! You know how awesome I think it is that you all get to stay home together, but I know that it is a lot of work on your part! What grade is everyone this year? 2nd, K, and prek? Do they all get along? Mine get tired of being around each other sometimes. Maybe it's the boy/girl plus age differences of mine. They started school yesterday and I had a grouchy crew today. :( Here we go...

  8. We love Apologia. We have done astronomy, botony, human anatomy, and sea creatures this year. Would love to know at the end of the year how you liked the land animals. They have been so great. Keep up the awesome work