Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Most Important Word and Writing~

The most important word to a young child is his/her name.
Today I read Chrysanthemum and discussed the reason for their name and how special it was.
I had the letters in their name written all over a paper and we counted each name comparing length to Chrysanthemum.
I think it made my kids feel super special since they all have pretty long names too~
Next they had a strip with name either printed to match or for the big girls just blank cards and they had to put in order from memory.
PC, WP, and EC matched just their first name.
EK had to put her first, middle, and last name in order.
SJ did her first and last.
ALL were very proud of their finished product.

A very powerful tool for teaching reading is making connections with letters and sounds to a child's name.
Ex. ShayleeJoy starts like shark so what would shark begin with?
When sounded out words for writing, it is helpful to give kids clues like ddd dog starts like ddd dad.
Most Important Word... a name!

Speaking of writing~
I am trying to highlight a portion of our day as I have time. 
So far I have shared our Bible time and today we decided to do that together  in the family room while we waited for our breakfast to bake.
Loved using that time more wisely and helped to shorten the time we spent in the school room. :)

Back to Writing~
 I am using First Language Lessons Level 2 and Writing with Ease Level 2 with EK and she is doing so well. It is a perfect way to introduce great writing without the pressure to think of something to write and is short to the point. Copy work and dictation being the main components right now~
While I am working with EK, I have been sending SJ off to draw anything her heart desires anywhere her heart desires and she has loved writing more this year than last. 
About the time I finish with EK, she comes back to tell me all about her drawing and we decided on words. I have taken the pressure off of her of sounding out every single word.  We are taking a copywork approach right now (I write whatever she tells me) and occasionally leave out a word for her to sound. Definitely makes it less intimidating. 
A good day for writing!!!

In case you wonder what I do with the three little littles with writing... they each have a journal that I have out for them each day with their name written in pencil and they trace then write if they can~
{Taken a couple of weeks ago}
Sometimes they ask if they can draw a picture in the journal and of course I let them then take dictation of what they say. Teaching that whatever they can say I can write for them. One day they will be doing all the writing themselves!

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