Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keeping it Real~

Just in case you think everyone RUNS madly to the school room each morning shouting... 'Teach us Mommy, Teach us!', 
I want to Keep It Real!!! 
They don't... {Well some days they walk slowly}
Most mornings they finish breakfast and want to go off playing in the playroom or goof off in the boys' room
so I had to find a way to reel them in without nagging and begging.
Want to know what I figured out???
They LOVE read aloud time so I've started reading our chapter book to kick off the day.
Thanks to a precious friend I met in China who suggested the YWAM books, we have begun our first and they LOVE it~
 Also posting a photo of the girls' art work today...
A day at the Beach.

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  1. We love ywam books and read them after Bible in the mornings. Just bought five more for this school year. Gladys Aylward is so so good and one of my kiddos favorites.